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: What are you guys using for P/S brackets with headers?

Jun 1st, 04, 11:56 PM
I have a 355 with a short water pump and Hooker Super Comp headers. I also have a Dart full race intake manifold, so there were no provisions for mounting an alternator bracket. So I went with a March bracket for mounting the alternator. I tried a March bracket for the Power Steering pump and it didn't work because they only make them for Long Water pumps. I just tried a Alan Grove 400L Power Steering bracket and it doesn't work either. The P/S pump is touching the steering box. I have seen in the Paddock catalog where they sell a P/S bracket that they claim will work with headers. I have the original lower P/S bracket but my top bracket is broke. What are you guys using? Any ideas? Thanks!!!!!

Jun 2nd, 04, 12:14 AM
Go to Summit's online catalog and in the search bar type in "power steering pump bracket" I was going to try and link you but there are is a fairly good selection. Hope this helps smile.gif

Jun 4th, 04, 5:22 PM
No luck with Summit. I just talked to Alan Grove Components and they can't help me out either. I know I'm not the only Chevelle guy out there who's running headers and P/S. I just need to know who has the solution. Thanks!! :cool:

Jun 4th, 04, 11:13 PM
Saw a post here once where a guy used thick-walled tubing and stock-length bolts to get the correct spacing for his P/S top mount (belt tensioner bracket). Just measure the cast manifold thickness where the bolt goes thru and subtract the thickness of your header flange to get the proper spacing. ;)

Jun 4th, 04, 11:22 PM
I made my own with 1/4" steel plate. Works fine. I can't describe it, you'd have to see it.

Jun 6th, 04, 5:08 PM
Well it looks like I will be going with a remote reservoir P/S pump. I have heard that you can get this style from mid 80's sunbirds or cavaliers. I will probably go to NAPA and buy a new one, then go with a March bracket, since I already have a March alternator bracket. Or I will call The Paddock and see exactly how their product is installed. Thanks!!

Jun 7th, 04, 9:48 PM
I'm just in the process of pricing and sourcing headers for my '66 with a 327-300. The Holley site shows FlowTech headers with a separate P/S and alternator bracket for smallblocks. Try this link, if it isn't exactly what you want it might at least get you looking in the right place. (in particular read footnote #20)


Jun 8th, 04, 1:31 AM
I Used a short tubular spacer about an inch long to adapt the stock bracket.

Just pull the first header bolt on the left side of the engine. Place the spacer over the hole then the PS pump bracket over the spacer. Reinstall the stock exhuast manifold bolt.

Worked great for several years.

Jun 8th, 04, 10:07 AM
For drivers side PS pump, I used a spacer like the other guys have mentioned along with stock brackets.

But I saw one set-up that used a flat stock bracket off the front of the head, it was "L" shaped with a slot for adjustment. If you sight along the plane of the front of that head you should see they line up. This deleted the spacer and bracket that goes from it to the motor mount pad.

For the Alternator I used the stock hardware but cut off the intake manifold tab from the top alt. bracket.

Jun 18th, 04, 12:43 AM
Can one of you guys send me a pic of exactly what kind of spacer you are using? I don't have the top mounting bracket anymore, threw it away because it was broke. Thanks!!

Jun 18th, 04, 11:00 AM
Stock setup worked just fine with a 1/2" spacer for the upper bracket on my SWP big block. My spacer is solid but a stack of 3/8' washers would have worked the same.