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: Janesville assembly plant

Gary Anderson
Apr 21st, 07, 7:58 PM
I'm apparently not looking in the right place because this shouldn't be this hard. Does anyone know the history of what cars and years they were produced at the Janesville WI assembly plant? I know they make trucks there now and have for several years, but did they build full size cars there in the '60's? Thanks for any help.

Gary Anderson

Apr 21st, 07, 8:44 PM
Yes........ Janesville Assembly is an automobile factory, owned by General Motors located in Janesville, Wisc. Opened in 1919, it is currently the oldest factory still in use at GM.

According to "Chevrolet by the numbers 1965-69" and "Chevrolet by the numbers 1970-75".......
The Janesville, Wisc. assembly plant, built "passenger cars" during all those years 1965-1975......
....and in my opinion, probably several other years, as well.................Don.


Dave Birdwell
Apr 22nd, 07, 10:31 PM
Cavaliers were built at the Janesville plant in the '80's. Had a big problem with the junk lacquer they put on them. We painted several of them that the paint had chipped real bad on.

Apr 23rd, 07, 11:49 AM
Per GM
Janesville Assembly started production in 1923, initially building full-size Chevrolet automobiles. Today, the facility builds the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Yukon XL, Yukon Denali, Yukon Denali XL and Isuzu/GM Low Cab Forward medium-duty truck. In calendar year 2004 the plant produced almost 220,000 vehicles. There are approximately 3,800 employees at the facility. GM recently invested $ 175 million into Janesville Assembly for production of new full-size SUVs.Also, Janesville is a big shipping facility, vehicles destined for dealers in this geographical area are shipped from plants all over by rail to Janesville and then sent to dealers by truck.

I am 400+ miles from Janesville and my last 2 vehicles came thru Janesville although they were built else ware, Oshawa for the GMC and St Therese (Trans Am). How do I know that, dealer tracking showed when they departed for Janesville by train, when they arrived and departed by truck. Also, a few years back I got to bs with one of the truck drivers at the GMC dealer. He needed to know how to get to the airport to pickup a bunch of rental cars (lease up) to return to GM auctions.