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: Red Oxide Primer

Ryan T
Jan 9th, 05, 8:57 AM
Where and what is the best place to get the red oxide primer used on 70 chevelle. Autozone, Napa, Advance Auto Parts, restoration books. Or is a good rustoleam just as good. Any info appreciated.

Jan 9th, 05, 9:36 AM
all those places plus
if you have a local Sherwin Williams paint supply I noticed they have exactly what your looking for, had a can in my hand, thought it was a l"il strange that they sold this stuff in house paint store

Jan 9th, 05, 1:07 PM
Don't use Rustoleum, and stay away from laquer primer IMO. You can get premium urethane surfacers mixed in this color if that's important. Sikkens Colorbuild is one option. One of my first paintjobs at the age of 14 was over Rustoleum primer, the Centari I shot over it always had an oily look to in on the surface, HAHA :D But the 66 Charger I applied it to did hold up for about ten years, just looked like a turd.