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: Choosing Quiet rear end gears

Mar 29th, 07, 1:40 PM
Hi All:

In chatting with different people and searching here, I have found reference to Richmond gears being more noisy than other brands. I realize that any gear set will be noisy if improprely set-up.

Assuming that the gears were installed by an experience/competent installer, is there truly a difference in noise between gear manufacturers?

If yes, and I want a quiet gear set, what manufacturer do you recommend? This is for a 99% street driven car with 12 bolt and new eaton posi.

Thanks for any comments.

Mar 29th, 07, 2:22 PM
the quietest gears to get would probably be from GM.

big gear head
Mar 29th, 07, 9:52 PM
Gm gears are going to be best, but finding them isn't easy. I have had no problems with Motive Gear and US Gear. I have had 3 sets of Yukon gears for the 9 inch Ford that made some noise, but not 12 bolt gears. The 9 inch gears were all from the same batch. I have had about 2 sets of Richmond gears that made noise that I can remember.

Mar 29th, 07, 10:28 PM
gm's then yukon. tom

Mar 29th, 07, 11:38 PM
THanks for the comments gents.

I am considering 3.55s. Are GM gears hard to find due to they have worn out by now or people are just hoarding them?

Out of Yukon, Strange, Motive, and Richmond, which is the best value for a street car?
Thanks again.

Mar 29th, 07, 11:43 PM
doesn't GM still sell those gears?
or do they just sell 7.5 and 8.5 gears any more?

Mar 30th, 07, 11:45 AM
i like yukons, for value and strength. tom

Mar 31st, 07, 6:23 PM
Thanks for the feedback.

Other comments still welcome.

Mar 31st, 07, 8:08 PM
Ron, we run Richmond Gears and have never had a problem. I've had a dozen rear ends done by DTS in Warren MI without a single noise or failure.

I know, I should go buy a Lotto ticket. :D

Keith Tedford
Mar 31st, 07, 9:04 PM
You will find that some aftermarket gear sets are not lapped in as well as others. These will whine even when set up properly. Our GM 4.10 gears make no audible noise at all.

Apr 1st, 07, 12:32 AM
That is good to hear Tom. I had a suspicion that there may have been truth to noisy richmond gears at one time and the tale has persisted. I'd sincerely hope modern machine practices would deal with the issue. But you never know I guess. I wonder if it is a difference between NA made vs off-shore? Good luck on the lottery, if you win you have to take Shaun and I out for beer at Hooters. :D

Me too Keith - my GM 4.10s are quiet. I really enjoy them, but dislike driving slow on the highway, lol. I hate to change away from the stock ratio, but it is a short 1st with the M20... and someday, I want a OD trans and need a something that will match up.

Apr 1st, 07, 2:57 PM
THanks for the comments gents.

I am considering 3.55s. Are GM gears hard to find due to they have worn out by now or people are just hoarding them?

Out of Yukon, Strange, Motive, and Richmond, which is the best value for a street car?
Thanks again.

They don't make the 3.55, for some time now. I did a casual search on Ebay and found two new sets from GM, very pricey but what are the options:sad: :sad: :sad:

Apr 1st, 07, 3:48 PM
I have 4.10's made by Precision Gear and they are quiet. Anybody else running these?

Apr 1st, 07, 4:31 PM
I dearly love my 12-bolt's 3.31 gears!!

Wish somebody would stock re-pop them...

I can spin my tires and also go 70 mph down the highway fine, imho...


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Apr 1st, 07, 7:16 PM
I priced Yukon vs Richmond today. $226 for the Yukon vs $275 for the Richmond. Are the Richmonds worth $50 more or am I paying only for the name?

Apr 1st, 07, 8:33 PM
My Richmond 4.10's don't make noise, FWIW.

big gear head
Apr 1st, 07, 10:51 PM
I sent you a PM about the 3.55 gears.

Les Saville
Apr 1st, 07, 11:11 PM

I just had my 12 bolt completely rebuilt, eaton posi, axles, gears etc. but before I did I checked with three different companies that do the work and none of them recommended Richmond not because of quality but mainly because they whine. I went with US gear. Good Luck

Apr 2nd, 07, 12:55 AM
Thanks Seth.

FWIW I quizzed my speed shop guy about the deal with some people finding Richmond gears noisy - his response was that a couple years ago Richmond had a couple of batches of gears ship that had not had their final fabrication process completed, a coating or something, I forget what he said now. These of course made noise and were recalled or replaced by Richmond. Since then, no problems at all. This sounds like a quality control issue that happened once and plagued the company's reputation since. Anyone here about this or know more?

BGH: PM received and reply sent, thanks.

Apr 2nd, 07, 10:40 PM
BGH .... finally going to install the gears and posi I bot from you , upon taking my rear apart i noticed my moser c-clip axles were just touching the cross shaft leaves a line right across the cross shaft ......Am I correct in assuming the axles should not touch ?/ how much should i grind off ?

The 4.30 gears i got from you are Richmond ....with all this talk of whining anything I should do different than a normal gear set up ??

BTW the wear pattern on the original GM 3.73 R&P was perfect I had them out in about 1972 for a posi rebuild but other than that they been there since day 1 ..

Bill in Canada

big gear head
Apr 2nd, 07, 10:45 PM
Most of the time there is about .005 clearance between the shaft and the ends of the axles. If you pull the axles out against the c clips you should have just a little clearance, but if they touch then it won't hurt anything. As the clutches wear there will be more clearance. The Richmond gears should be fine if they are set up correctly.