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: 11in rear brake photos w/e-brake

Mar 24th, 07, 4:02 PM
i am looking for photos of inner workings of a 11" rear drum w/e-brake. i have a 55-57 chevy 11" rear drum set up that i am trying to rebuild and to find photos with the e-brake. i can only find parts w/o the e-bake

any ideas


Mar 24th, 07, 6:44 PM
I'd take a pic of mine if I could get to it... but that would take a while.

FYI, it's identical to the 9" drum setup - just bigger. All the springs, etc are setup the same.

Mar 24th, 07, 8:43 PM
Hey Glen, I'm in Crofton straight down 97/3. I just put my 11" set on today but I won't have them finished up til tomorrow after lunch come by and take a look. I don't have any pictures just yet.

PM me if you like.