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: gas tank problem.....

Classic Gary
Mar 1st, 07, 11:05 AM
so, with you guy's help, i've figured out something. Have you ever had one of those "light bulb" moments when you suddenly went " Oh *****, I know now !!!". Well the gas tank with the four outlets shoulda been a clue, and it was, but...........I'm old so sometimes it takes longer for the light bulb to come on. Anyway, I looked all over for a gas cap for the elky, assuming it was a 69 gas tank and filler neck. ALL the 69 caps I found would not fit. So, the last place i went to ( a NAPA store) just gave me a bunch of caps and said "see which one fit". Well, it is a NON-VENTED later Chevy application. Of course that lead to another problem. With the gas tank not vented, the pressure build up forced gas past the needle and seat of the holley carb and filled the intake and a cylinder or two. I went out to start the car and it hydro-locked. Oh Shi*. Pulled all the plugs, turned it over pumping out all the gas from THREE cylinders. It runs and does not make any funny noises. (hopefully no bent rods, ring lands, ect.) It doesn't smoke so I think I "got away with that one". Of course I was late for work, and try to explain that event to a non-car guy. Oh well. I'm sure there is more to come.................:)

mad hooker
Mar 1st, 07, 7:51 PM
well at least you still made it to work. yeah i bet he thought you were full of ***** hahaha.

Mar 1st, 07, 8:25 PM
Well, that is better than having a non-vented cap on a non-vented tank and collapsing the tank, crushing the pickup tube and sender :clonk: