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: 1976 laguna s3 El camino?

Feb 3rd, 07, 2:55 PM
I ran across one cheap. I looked up the production numbers and it seems like there were only 5000 or some made with the s3 option. It has 350 (non original) automatic, console, swivel buckets, rally wheels, and dark purple color looks to be original? with the 2 white stripes. It is worth dropping a couple hundred on? I really don't care for the body style, but it is a real s3. Let me know your opinions. Maybe current owners can tell me trouble spots, or options to look for. Thanks

Feb 3rd, 07, 7:14 PM
Jeff, sounds like a cool car. I have seen a few of those on the internet. I have also read about the scarcity of them, and the debates about if that was a factory option, dealer option or neither. I have found a few with build sheets saying it came like that from the factory like that. Now, if the one you are looking at has a build sheet saying it is an original factory(or dealer installed) Laguna El Camino, I feel it is worth it. But, if there is no documentation at all(even old pictures) saying it is real, don't get your hope up of it being worth a lot in the future. Documentation means a lot, especially on a rare vehicle like that of the Laguna El Camino. Real or not, I would get it because I think the Laguna nose looks sweet on El Caminos, but if it is not real, don't be bummed out because it can take only a matter of hours to put a Laguna nose on an El Camino and call it an original. Also, if currently there are no build sheets with the car, and you buy the car, drop the gas tank. That was one of a few placed the hid them, also in the seats. But, do what you want. It will be a head turner, real or not. I hope this can help.

Drop me an e-mail at {hazus00@gmail.com} if you need any help or advice. I have done my homework about '73-'77 Chevelles & El Caminos, now that I have one myself.:thumbsup:

Feb 3rd, 07, 10:59 PM
I learn something new everyday!

Feb 4th, 07, 2:05 AM
Just my luck I cant even find a 76 SS!!! I think for $500 I can drive it home. Has the laguna nose, white stripes, SS emblems is dash /steering wheel. So I will think about it. thanks. Lou Ill try to send a pic to see what you think thanks again.

Feb 4th, 07, 8:16 AM
Since it has all of the correct SS markings, its probably a real SS El Camino:thumbsup: You don't find those very often. I'd say it's worth getting. Let me warn you first, its hard to find a lot of parts for '73-'77 Chevelles & EC's. NPD, OPGI etc. do have parts for them, but not very many. If its not in parts catalogs, chances are its on eBay, and if its not on eBay, you're probably SOL for finding that part.

Here is a REAL factory(on build sheet) '75 Laguna El Camino. It's very interesting.


Feb 13th, 07, 5:18 PM
Another Place To Check For Build Sheet Is Inside The Door Panels. That's Where I Found Mine ('77 E.c.-california Car)