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Nov 10th, 99, 8:34 AM
I was curious how long you would let that thread go Al, it's a shame you have to contend with that, seeing more and more of that child's play. Inevitable in this day I guess. Eventually you will probably have to construct a seperate site for adults only. I feel for ya !........ Didn't I see somewhere where you stated that all site users need act in a mature respectable manner. No response necessary Al..........GT

Nov 10th, 99, 8:49 AM
I agree with you GT that the thread was kind of immature, but you have to admitt that it was pretty entertaining! Kind of keeps you checking back to see what someone would say next. Kind of like Howard Stern! I really like the variety of posts on this site and I don't think we need any segregation! I like meeting all kinds of people whether they are young or older.

But I agree that it was time the thread was closed, no need for people to threaten each other like that.

Nov 10th, 99, 10:30 AM
What????????????? did I miss something?

Tom Parsons

Nov 10th, 99, 11:06 AM
Just bringing it up again is starting it all over again. Is this what we are here for. So everybody's Chevelle is perfect and needs nothing that we can talk about? If you feel for Al then let it go. Saying no response necassary at the end isn't a solution. Letting it be is. If it doesn't have to do with a problem or to help someone else then at least put your remarks in Bench Racing section so those of us that are here to learn something or help someone else don't have to listen to the crap. Sorry but come on, lets not keep going on it. Thats why he closed it!!!

66 bowtie
Nov 10th, 99, 12:08 PM
not tring to start any thing but what was the title of the thread?
never mind i know now, this thred will just start it again, my 2 cents
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Nov 10th, 99, 1:56 PM
What'd I Miss???

Mr. D
Nov 10th, 99, 2:24 PM
OK . . . what did we miss out on? Sometimes threads can be very entertaining if looked at with the proper perspective.

Mr. D
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Nov 10th, 99, 3:14 PM
Ah, it had to happen sooner or later. Makes me ashamed to be a part of "Generation X" Hopefully things won't degrade any further (Al won't allow it I'm sure), so Team Chevelle can remain the top of the line site it is. Play nice everyone, this is supposed to be a happy place!

Nov 10th, 99, 3:26 PM
'nuff said .

Nov 10th, 99, 5:50 PM

Wes V
Nov 10th, 99, 5:50 PM
I guess that I missed that one.

The thing is, I know there will be another in a couple weeks!

Wes. Vann
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Nov 10th, 99, 6:22 PM
MAN,was that a mess,glad its over.Now let's talk about Chevelles, anybody got one,what have ya done to yours lately?

Nov 10th, 99, 6:37 PM
I have a 65. I've been making it look good lately. Blacked out the grille, painted the wheels dark charchol grey, buffed out chrome and am gonna get my passenger door fixed soon!

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Nov 10th, 99, 7:23 PM
For all the stressed out people, the post was Under 18yrs old+Chevelle=Bad. Oh, and I have a 67. I finally got it running. I just got the dropped springs today! And it's gonna be aligned & balanced this weekend. Oh and I need new front tires too. Also, I like to sit in it. Nothing else. Just sit in there & smell the wonderful smell of blood, sweat, alcohol(rubbing, trying to clean that dash bezel), & gasoline. Anyone else? I'm also looking at fibergalss bumpers & spraying the car 1998 Dodge Viper Blue. Have a happy day!

Jay W.
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Nov 10th, 99, 7:54 PM
I missed it to DZ ???????????? L89SEDAN

Randy Mosier
Nov 11th, 99, 1:07 AM
I went back and read that thread, (checked it out first day it was posted, hadn't been back since) and quite frankly, it was embarassing. Did it stray off on a tangient or what? I went into a Mopar sight about a year ago and all I saw in its tech section was people bashing and trashing the hell out of each other. I posted a thread about that in Bench Racing and congratulated every one on this sight for their courtesy and professionalism. I thought that this sight was above that, and until now, it was. Unfortunately, that thing got ugly. Let's not sink to that level again, because Al can pull the plug on this sight anytime he likes.
To restate the rules:
There will be no trashing, bashing, name calling, insults or threats.
Keep your tempers under control.
If you disagree with someone, state your side, why you think you're right, and try to back your position with facts or personal experience without resorting to insulting the person's intelligence or his family. And please people, don't make threats or send hate e-mail.
Respect Al's rules as this sight is his property and is not public domain.
Mr. Rstoltz and I had an ongoing debate in a thread some months back. We went back and forth for several days on the issue we were debating, but at no time did we ever resort to name calling or did we take any cheap shots at each other. Although Ive never met him in person, I consider him to be an intelligent individual whom I respect, just from what I've read in his replies. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I may not agree with he has to say, but I'll defend to the death his right to say it. (I can't remember who said that originally. I believe it was Twain, correct me if I'm wrong.) And I'm talking about a good, clean, maybe just slightly spirited debate, not trash talking and profanity laced tirades.
Guys (and girls), there are over 3300 people registered on this sight now. That's 3300 different political philosophies, backgrounds, and upbringings. There is no way everyone is going to be able to be in complete agreement on every issue. The best we can do is agree to disagree.
So come on folks, we all need to keep our heads. It's either that, or face the possibility that if Al decides he's had enough, this sight will be history.

Nov 11th, 99, 12:34 PM

Thanks for the kind words of respect and thanks for taking time to email me personally.

I'd like to think that the majority of the 3,300+ Chevelle lovers registered to this site are decent people. However, I can tell you with certainty that 14 of them are not. After reading the 13 nasty emails (and one postcard) I've received from those commenting on my viewpoints on the above-mentioned topic, I was tempted to remove this web site from my bookmarks. But then I remembered that there are at least 3,286 reasons for not doing so.

Collectively, some of these 14 people called me every name in the book and, basically, said that my opinion is not welcome on this forum. One pissed-off person went through the effort of finding my address to anonymously send a Chevrolet postcard (postmarked from Van Nuys) that read "Hey A******, Shut the f*** up. No one wants to hear about your f***** moral beliefs." (How does someone have that much time on their hands!?)

Doesn't freedom of speech mean two things: (1) liberty to express one's viewpoint, and (2) the toleration -- no, make that the *obligation* -- to allow opposing viewpoints. Surely, that can be done respectfully without insulting, threatening or excessive bragging. It doesn't take too many people to spoil a good thing. (And to say that this web site is a good thing is a gross understatement.) So let's all behave in a gentlemanly fashion. Is that asking for too much? If so, please donít participate. Okay?

Robert ( (15% discount for my fellow Chevelle owners!)

Nov 11th, 99, 1:28 PM
I didn't want Al to feel obligated to respond to this post. I thought he'd probably rather not, as he is usually tring to keep everybody happy and would probably just as soon not step on anybodys toes. Didn't want to put him on the spot. That is why I said " no response necessary Al". Tried to give him a way out if he wanted one. Now, no, that might not solve a thing, but in my opinion neither does just letting it go on. I think somebody needs to remind some of these guys once in a while to tame it down a bit and act like grown men, grown Chevy men, and that's whether they're 18 or 80. It will never stop it completely but it may put a dampner on it. Debating is hard to do and keep under control in this open forum. Nothing wrong with a little debate now and then, and I see a lotta guys get into that, and that can be a good thing, but as someone else said recently on another post, written words can sometimes be taken in the wrong ways, and here you can't see a facial expression or hear a tone of voice. (hope he doesn't mind me stealing that) So if taken the wrong way by , let's say a sensitive person or worse, an immature person without any self control, it can easily turn bad. It takes very mature people to have a good debate. Heck, I'm 43 and I still don't debate well. Just ask my wife about that! From what i can gather, You gotta listen a whole lot and bite your tongue a lot. Here, anybody who wants to can also enter into the debate at any point. Might have been a good debate up untill that time. Can go bad quickly though with the wrong people involved and if someone can't hold their tongue. A lot of this stuff going on isn't a debate though, its just a bunch of trash talking. One guy says something nasty and the next guy has to one up him. Now see right there I gotta be careful. I don't mean to say that trash is talking, but rather that the type of talking is trash talking. Somebody coulda misinterpreted that. Ya See, I'm glad I caught that, or I probably woulda really heard some stuff. LOL. Sometimes we gotta think about what we're saying before we say it. I need practice on that myself. I'm working on it. This site is still the best hangout in town, thats a constant given. we all know that. But it could never be perfect. Nothings ever perfect. Well, cept for Budd Light acourse and this girl I once saw in texas. Shuwoweee!! This is mighty close though. You all have a good one.........GT By the way, I thought that was well said Randy, but actually I don't think it was Twain. I think it was Jerry Springer who once said that. LOL

Joe Harrison
Nov 11th, 99, 9:04 PM
Well after reading these post I would say that DZ,L89 and the others including myself did'nt miss anything!! If you don't like the post like the one mentioned just don't respond and it will die a deserving death.

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