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: 70 Wheel question

Jan 10th, 07, 1:17 PM
I am looking for some help with my 70 Chevelle wheels. I currently have stock 70 ss wheels which are 14 inch. The current tires on the rear are 275/60/14 which I can not find more accept in bias ply. I would like to put 15 inch ss wheel vintiques on the car so I can put close to the same size radial tire in a 15 inch on it. My quetion is use a 7 inch rim or jump up to an 8 inch. If I use the 7 or the 8 what back spacing works the best. I am trying to not change the current look but also put as much tire on the ground as possible. I think the 15 inch tire in a 275/60/15 is about an inch difference in overall height. Basically, what is the best way to go? I am assuming I will change all the rims to 15 inch not just the rears. Any help would be appreciated! I have tried local tire/rim stores with no help.

Jan 10th, 07, 1:38 PM
You should probably do a search in the tires and wheels section. Alot of discussion on this subject.

I would say the most popular is the 275/60/15. 15X7 would work. But I think the 15x8 with a 3" to 4" BS would be better. I like the deeper wheel look personally.

You also need to consider if the tires will set up inside the wheel wells. Most 275/60 with 3" to 4" BS will. Much bigger than that you may have problems.

Jan 10th, 07, 3:20 PM
Thanks, I quess I didnt scroll down far enough to see that section. thanks I will look their.

Jan 10th, 07, 5:57 PM
275-60 x15 on an 8 inch wide rim with less than 4 inches of backspacing will hit on a 1970.Mine did! Unless you cut and roll the inner fender lip, 8 inch wide wheels would be better off with 4 1/2 inch backspacing. Check the Data base.

Jan 10th, 07, 10:55 PM
Get Wheel Vintiques series 50 - 15 x 8 with 4.5 backspacing
Summit will have the best price
You'll also want to buy the trim rings from them as well.
They are special for the 15 x 8 wheel
Corvette 15x8 rings will not work

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