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: Hello to all

Nov 16th, 06, 1:13 AM
Hello to all

I am very new to this group and new to computer groups.

I have a 1965 Malibu SS. 327cuin Edelbrock Fuel Injected. 700R4 with 3.73 Eaton Posi in an 12 bolt. 16" torque thrust rims and Comp T/As.

If someone can explain how I can put a picture with this post I will get one on.


Tom Harp

Nov 16th, 06, 1:42 AM

I put a pic of my car on Yahoo.

This is a test

Nov 16th, 06, 1:44 AM
Now how do I get the pic to come up on the post? View the pic as it was part of the post.

Nov 16th, 06, 10:49 AM
On the bar at the top of the page click on "Showroom".
Just above the pics that appear, there is a bar and on the far right click "Upload Photos".
Now click on the browse button and select the pic/pics you want to upload to the site and then click the "Upload/Submit" button.

Also, before you click "Upload/Submit" you can title your pic, and/or enter a brief description.

Once the upload is complete, simply click the process button.

Now you have a pic in the showroom, from there you can add it to your sig or just post it in a thread.

Easiest way is to copy to clipboard the UBBCode and then all you need to do is right click and paste it wherever you want.

I did it with a carpet sample for you...

Nov 16th, 06, 3:28 PM
Welcome to the site. Nice carpet.:D

Nov 16th, 06, 4:44 PM
Welcome to the site. Nice carpet.:D

LOL...I was gonna say something but it would get me in trouble :eek:

Nov 16th, 06, 7:09 PM
Welcome aboard Tom
Nice 65 !

Nov 16th, 06, 8:00 PM
Thanks for all of the information on how to post pics and thanks for the welcome to the group.

There is a lot of good information here that will help me a lot with finishing my Chevelle. The next upgrade will be some Disk Brakes up front. I will post that one in the correct section.


Tom Harp