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: 1st muscle car

Sep 2nd, 06, 3:36 AM
I am proud to be joining the ranks of Chevelle owners. I'm having a '69 396 delivered within the next 2 weeks.

I would love to get advice from any of you as to what I need to learn, tools I might need, what to expect, etc.

Check out the car.


Thanks for the advice!

Sep 2nd, 06, 3:52 AM
Welcome! And nice car...I was checking it out on Ebay yesterday.

Expect to get a lot of "honks" and "thumbs up"!

Sep 2nd, 06, 3:59 AM
Congrats on the purchase. Looks like a nice Malibu. Being BB powered it should be lots of fun. There is lots to learn here. If you have a question about the car probably the first thing to learn is the search function :) There is a TON of info to sift through and get answers from. The big thing to know is to plan for things. A hap-hazard approach to maintaining the car can lead to unnecessary spending. Another big thing to realize is these cars are old and if they sit they develop quirks that can become big issues. Keep it in a climate controlled garage and drive the wheels off it if you can. If you give a little more info on your background folks can give better detailed advice. Welcome aboard and enjoy the new ride. :cool:

Sep 2nd, 06, 4:23 AM
Yes, I agree with Jeff. Welcome aboard. Spend a few days going through each forum and just read them. If you do that, you will find that your questions get answered much easier and quicker. Post in the correct forum and you will usually get many answers per day. Post in the wrong forum and you will probably not get any answers in a day. ( Ive been here two years and sometimes I still post in the wrong forums). Everyone here is very nice and easy to talk to. You found the right spot for advice when owning one of these money pits. But it is worth it. Have fun, smile and drive the wheels off that thing. That is what they were made for.


Sep 2nd, 06, 10:02 AM
Great looking car! Congrats and welcome.

Sep 2nd, 06, 10:17 AM
That is one sharp lookig 69 - Good Luck and Welcome! Oh..and enjoy the car! :)

Sep 2nd, 06, 11:01 AM
Waa-Hooo, another 69, Welcome :thumbsup:


Sep 2nd, 06, 11:19 AM
Nice car. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

$ac King
Sep 2nd, 06, 11:30 AM
thats a nice whip congrats on that :beers:

Grumpy 427
Sep 2nd, 06, 1:32 PM
Awesome car , looks like a good find.

Sep 2nd, 06, 1:46 PM
Great looking car! I KNOW you'll have a huge smile on your face driving it around the neighborhood. hehehe
Proud for ya.

Sep 2nd, 06, 2:14 PM
Nice car....love the paint scheme with the ghost flames.

Just keep in mind these older cars need TLC.
That doesn't mean you can't have fun with them, it just means that they require regular maintenance and a careful eye (and ear)....

You will get to know how it should sound and how it runs, if all of the sudden it sounds different or runs a little funny, take the time to investigate before it breaks.

Oh yeah, the people here are awsome and the amount of Chevy and Chevelle related knowledge and experience is invaluable.
Use the info here and build from there....

Have fun and enjoy your new car, as stated previously, get ready for a lot of looks whistles and comments on your car.....also when your head expands from all the attention remember its your car they admire most....lol....enjoy :)

Sep 2nd, 06, 2:14 PM
Gazzer said it well!!!!

Sep 2nd, 06, 3:50 PM
If you are interested, we could have some local help for you if you ever need it. Check out the Heartland Chevelle Club link in my signature line. Feel free to attend a few meetings to help decide if you want to join or not. We are having a cruis-in meeting in September out at Platte River State Park, let me know if you want more details.

Welcome to TC as well!

Sep 2nd, 06, 4:11 PM
Did you buy the car without having taken a look at it ?

Sep 3rd, 06, 10:48 AM
I am proud to be joining the ranks of Chevelle owners. I'm having a '69 396 delivered within the next 2 weeks.

I would love to get advice from any of you as to what I need to learn, tools I might need, what to expect, etc.

Check out the car.


Thanks for the advice!

Welcome. If you don't have basic tools you should go to Sears and get one of their tool package kits, they have lots of needed basics.

Next, look at the book section on here and get some books to read so you will become familiar with needed info.

Probably the biggest source of help would be to join the Chevelle club in your area and this site. Between the two, you will have plenty of help and fun.

Sep 3rd, 06, 12:05 PM
HEY: Nice car. looks real good in the pictures. hope you have a ball with it. were in the same boat. I just picked up my first mscle car. since 1969. this is my first chevelle. this is the best place to find out things for your car.. enjoy it. and don't rush into anything. take your time. Rick

Sep 4th, 06, 9:24 AM
So tell us more - will this be your main car, or a weekend showoff machine? What else do you drive?

Do you aim for originality, or whatever works best for you (mods, upgrades etc)?

Looks really great...

Sep 4th, 06, 9:38 AM
Well---Maybe I can make you a little at ease---This is my old car !
It was a 350 colum shift car when I had it. Mike --the guy you bought it from--had the 396 --it has all the goodies--and Im pretty sure a turbo 400 put in.A local fellow did the paint job. It looks really cool. The only thing I know it need is disk brakes. It has manual drum brakes now. I know for a fact that Mike had over $25000.00 in this car.So if you bought it for what he said he was willing to take for it--He lost his rear !!!! Good luck with it and I hope you have as much fun with it as I did !!! Danny

Sep 7th, 06, 11:33 AM
This is a really good car. It would take a trip to coast to coast when Danny had it. I am the one that done the bucket seat console conversion. Mike bought seats out of my salvage yard .I had front & rears recovered .I bought new console put ti all of it in there for him. The car does need disc in a bad way.Let me know if you need anything for it,good luck with it

Feb 20th, 07, 10:58 PM
nice ride!

Feb 21st, 07, 12:34 AM
Congrats on the Chevelle, one of the best pieces of advice I could give is to give the car a nice hand wax, possibly the megiures(sp?) three stage. It give you the opportunity to go over the car almost inch by inch and find any imperfections on the body while making it shine.

Charles Sabin
Feb 21st, 07, 8:27 PM
thats bad dude. get some diapers. haha have fun. im building a 1971ss 406cu. my first also.

Road Roamer
Feb 21st, 07, 9:03 PM
Very cool! Congratulations!!