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: sail panels sold by ground up

Jan 13th, 05, 4:23 AM
The online catalog for ground up shows that they are selling sail panels for 70-72's. Has anyone tried these and if so do they have all the curves and metal for the window channel?

Jan 13th, 05, 11:17 AM
I tried to locate the panels your talking about and didn't find them. I didn't know anyone was repoping just that sail/rear window channel area, although I've always thought someone could get rich doing so. The only way I was aware that you could get that area is to purchase a full quarter. Post a link to the sail panel your referencing please.

Jan 13th, 05, 1:58 PM
I looked for sail panels for my -69, and it seems like some are not covered, they're just a plain piece of cardboard. These were supposed to be installed when you replace the headliner, and you have to cover them yourself with extra vinyl that comes with the headliner. I'm sure they come covered too, but you might want to double check before you order.

Jan 13th, 05, 2:13 PM
I ordered from PUI interiors and they come covered. They did not have any metal on them.

Jan 13th, 05, 3:34 PM
I misunderstood apparently. I thought you were talking about the sheet metal and rear window corner that is almost always rusted out on the 70-72 body. Are you talking about interior trim in the body shop thread, if so the 70-72 interior sail trim panel doesn't have metal trim to the side window, there is a rubber c-shaped piece that rests against the inside of the window and the rubber trim for the head liner covers the front edge of the cardboard sail panel. If it is a trim question post it over in the interior thread, those guys can give you a hand.

Jan 13th, 05, 4:27 PM
Im talking about sheet metal. I will try to post it but its on acrobat, so dont know if it will work.

Jan 13th, 05, 4:30 PM
Okay it wont let you click on it, so type in that sight and it should take you to the sheetmetal pages on their site. The panels are shown on page 100 and again you must have acrobat to view.

Jan 13th, 05, 6:08 PM
In that picture it looks like it is just the flat side panel. I can't imagine why they would want to repop just that. What is needed is the panel with the curve from the fender crown into the window channel from the rear window to trunk filler up to the roof joint. one that fits here

Looks like you'll have to call that product info number at the top of the page and ask. Maybe since they are our sponsor Al could get the inside track on it.

BTW try putting a space between your period and the http in the link above.

Jan 13th, 05, 8:45 PM
Did you get that repaired yet? if so, how did it turn out?

Jan 14th, 05, 9:39 AM
Yea, I'm getting pretty good at repairing that area, here is a few pics of how I do it, I have more I can e-mail you if you don't have dial up.