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: Anyone else with a noisy hydraulic voodoo cam?

Aug 18th, 06, 10:06 PM
A few trips after my initial breakin with my hydraulic voodoo cam, and magnum roller tipped rockers, i started to hear some valvetrain noise, i would get a small tick. Anyone else have a noisy voodoo cam, or am i looking at a bigger problem here? Thanks Josh

p.s. its not a roller cam...

Aug 20th, 06, 7:48 PM
Just incase most of you just assume, that i need to adjust my vavles again, i have done it about 4 times now, and i still get the tick back...I didnt have it during the break in, or ide say, the first two trips out, after has been a sound that i dont like to hear, unless its no big deal!!

Aug 20th, 06, 8:10 PM
Which Voodoo cam?
We've used 4 different Voodoo SB hyd flat tappet ones to date with zero noise out of any...very much unlike the XE Comp line which are noisy as he!!. :(

Aug 20th, 06, 8:15 PM
bill, its lunatis 60104 and the lifters are correct, i bought the kit.

Aug 20th, 06, 8:26 PM
If the noise goes away when you adjust them and then comes back repeatedly, then yes. I'd be worried...

Aug 20th, 06, 8:38 PM
it doesnt go away n come back, it is there always, even after adjusting the vavles. Im just saying, i dont remember hearing it during breakin.(but again, that was with open headers) It doest get better or worse either, its just there.

Aug 20th, 06, 8:51 PM
If you are eating a lifter, it should get worse. The voodoo cams I have installed have been pretty quiet though. Could be your rockers or even the valves themselves making the noise as they make contact with the seat. Could also be a small leak around your header flange.

Again if your are getting the noise soon after breakin and it doesn't get worse I don't think it's the cam. They go pretty quickly once they start to fail. Can you take the tick out at all during the adjustment if you do it while running?

Aug 20th, 06, 9:18 PM
bill, its lunatis 60104 and the lifters are correct, i bought the kit.
Same cam kit we put in my bro-in-law's 383 '69 Malibu back in May.
I believe I put on a set of Trick Flow 1.5 rockers at the same time.
No valve train noise.
And I know "noise"...we replaced a XE268 with the Voodoo. :(
BTW...nice cam!! His Chevelle runs mid 12s, very streetable and PBrakes work fine.

Aug 20th, 06, 10:03 PM
Bill, i like the came as well, however i do not produce enough vaccume for power brakes. Im running them off of manifold vaccume, but its a Team G Hi-Rise intake.

I havent tried to adjust the vavles, with the engine running, i guess thats the next step. Thanks for the help bill.

Aug 20th, 06, 10:33 PM
I put a set of magnum roller tip rockers of my 90 Chevrolet P-U many years ago and it was noisy from then on. Not the cams fault, I'm sure it was the rockers. Try a set of full rollers or even long slot stamped rockers and see what it sounds like.

Aug 20th, 06, 10:47 PM
I' installed a Voodoo 262 and a 268 in the same 454 . Believe it or not, the 262 had an almost solid sound to it. Both were kits from Summit. I did notice that the lifters in the 262 kit had a shallow spiral groove around part of the body. Haven't called Lunati yet,but it's on the list!


Oct 6th, 06, 10:28 AM
I have a noisey Voodoo 268 in my 460 BBC. I installed their lifters. The noise is present mostly on deceleration or light load. When the engine is pulling hard ther is no noticeable valve noise. The engine will not pull to 6000 RPM. I think I have valve float. I used the correct springs though. I have one lifter that seems to lose its prime if the car sits for a few days. Overall I have been a disappointed with the cam/ lifter noise.Any help or advise would be appreciated. ---- Thanks

Oct 6th, 06, 11:48 AM
Remember the BBC has a greater rocker ratio than the SBC, so the valve velocities (valve action - opening, seating, etc) will be faster. The SBC will have slower action at the valve since the rocker ratio is less. The noise may be coming from the valve seating.

Oct 6th, 06, 12:37 PM
Not sure what engine you have but especially on the small blocks with cast aluminum valve covers watch for contact between the pushrod end of the rocker arm and the side of the valve cover. You can usually see little scrub marks if they touch on the inside of the valve cover. Minor clearance work on the rockers will solve the problem.

I chased a noise caused by this for a while and sometimes when I checked/adjusted lash it would go away. Turns out it was going away because I set the valve cover down a little differently when putting her all back together.

Oct 6th, 06, 12:41 PM
I have a similar problem.

I have a SBC 406 with the Voodoo 60111 Hyd Roller cam, Lunati lifters PN 72430 (made by Morel) and Comp's Pro Magnum full roller rockers. I adjusted the rockers a couple of times only to see that they were adjusted correctly already. I've inspected the springs, pushrods, and rockers for any abnormal contact but havent found anything. The engine runs GREAT! with lots of power. BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE A DIESEL at idle. At higher engine speeds other noises become loud enough to drown it out.

I'm at my wits end. I'm thinking that the roller tips on the rockers have a lot of side to side play and maybe thats causing the noise. I'm going to try some stamped rockers to see if the noise goes away.


Oct 6th, 06, 4:00 PM
I chased a noise in my engine with a voodoo in it & it was a broken pushrod tip.:angry: Otherwise I couldn't be happier with the cam.:thumbsup:

Oct 8th, 06, 12:52 PM
Just out of curiousity, what oil pump are you guys using? I have a funny tick in my engine although I have a XE274 cam. I must have about 250 or more miles on it now. I also have a small dieseling noise at idle and I believe that it may be the oil pump. I have changed my oil about 3 times since break in and no metal in the oil or filter. The tick I hear I am pretty sure is the cam itself. I thought that maybe with the engine being a 383 a rod was just knicking the block but everything checked out when We pulled it back apart. My oil pressure is great and the engine runs excellent other than that stupid tick. The diesel sound isnt too noticeable but I am pretty positive that the oil pump is causing some noise. Its a M55HV. The tick has not worsened and the pushrods are all rotating when the engine is running so I dont think the cam or a lifter is going out. I beat the engine hard too. Drive down the highway steady at 5000 or better and still no difference is noises. Just cant seem to get rid of this stupid tick, DRIVES ME UP THE WALL SOME DAYS!!!!

Oct 8th, 06, 1:18 PM
I have the M55HV also. Hmmmm.
I'll be changing my rockers today or tommorow so I'll have a clear opinion on these CC pro magnum rockers soon.

My dieseling sound, sounds to me like it is coming from the top of my engine. I hate it. It makes the engine sound wounded, which I dont think it is.


Oct 8th, 06, 6:17 PM
The VooDoos are not noisy by design. They sit the valve down on the seat slightly faster than GM does the stock cam design. The valve hitting the seat too hard is the major source of that "Sewing-Machine" sound.
If there is a problem with cam wear, please contact Lunati for help. All the VooDoos are made on Landis 3L cam grinders, the exact same type I have, and it is as accurate as can be made right now.
However, cams can fail during break-in, and need to be replaced as soon as possible. The cause of failure is rarely found until after the cam is pulled out. The only way around the failure-at-break-in problem is going Hydraulic Roller, which is very expensive if you need cam and lifters.
The most common failure during break-in of hydraulic and solid cast-iron cams is that the cam is too far forward in the engine. There needs to be .010" or less end-play in the cam in the engine. Any more, and it will walk forward when running, some of the lifters will not spin properly, and the cam will wear out.
I hope this helps. If there is any doubt about the cam, call Lunati.


Oct 8th, 06, 6:47 PM
Clark, if you have the Comp Pro Magnum rockers check the clearance between the bottom of the rocker and the edge of the retainer. The last couple sets of these rockers I played with ALL had contact between the retainer and rocker (using 1.47" springs). Lash caps fixed one of them, on the other the rockers went back.

Oct 9th, 06, 1:26 AM
Eric, thanks

That was one thing I noticed during the mock up of this engine. After I got the pushrod length adjusted, the retainers were VERY close to the rocker . I just recentlty pulled all the rockers off and checked the under side of them and saw no evidence of contact.

Longslot stamped crane rockers are going in the motor tommorrow as a test.


Oct 10th, 06, 1:09 AM
Well, Ive installed the stamped rockers and took it for a test drive.

No more diesel sounds.

I can definately say that the pro magnum rockers were making alot of noise. I re-inspected the magnums and I see no sign of wear or unusual contact. The magnums have less than 500 miles on them. The only thing I see that might cause some noise is the fact that there is a lot of axial play at both the trunion bearing and roller tip. The rockers must be moving from side to side a little while running.

Maybe I'll try some Crane Gold rockers.