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: crash data-measurments

zack man
Aug 10th, 06, 9:56 PM
hello and this is my first time using this forum any way i have started restoration on a 69 chevelle and im looking for crash data that will help me with some body alignment issues. is there such data available? i had the body stripped to a shell and had it blasted to bare metal. when it returned from the blaster i could have sat down and cried talk about swiss cheese. i have spent at least 4 months replaceing sheet metal and i have a deck lid fit problem. any info would be appreciated. thanks ZACKMAN

Aug 10th, 06, 10:24 PM
Did you have the deck lid on the car when you installed the quarters? If you didn't, there's your problem.

Aug 10th, 06, 11:03 PM
I'd detail the fit issue in a post int eh body shop forum, I think those guys will be able to give you solid advice on what to do next.