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: Mail order transmissions...TCI, Hughes, B&M, etc....

Junkyard Dawg
Apr 12th, 06, 1:48 AM
Was going thru a few older posts and noticed someone mentioned something like "I don't know why anyone would insist on buying a mail order transmission when you can have one rebuilt for $400"......

Well I have to ask this.....I'm thinking of replacing the TH350 that's behind my 402 big block with a TH400. I don't currently have a TH400 as of now.

So with that being said it almost doesn't seem bad to purchase a TH400 from Summit for $900-$1100.....unless there's something I'm missing.

Also while we're on the same topic I'd like to hear your pros/cons with these mail order TH400's. I'm probably going to be running the car rather hard at the track so I need something that isn't going to disentegrate on launch. I'm even considering running a bigger big block in this car in the future.

Apr 12th, 06, 5:02 AM
I bought mine mail order and I am using it behind my 540. I went with Coan. ( using part#COA-21110) There are advanages to having it built locally, but this depends on where you live. If you are getting a new trans I would get a new converter too. You are going to need a driveshaft and I bought mine mail order too from

Never Satisfied
Apr 12th, 06, 7:05 AM
Coan here too part # COA-21128 (although I did add several options not listed in that description). The nice thing for me was that I live close enough that I picked mine up at their facility. I am very happy with everything. I also used their trans and converter (C-4) in a friends Mustang. I have dealt strictly with Art and his customer service is excellent :thumbsup:

Apr 12th, 06, 9:29 AM
My brother also bought a Coan tranny/conv for his mopar - great customer service and great product.