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: fuel sending unit

Mar 30th, 06, 5:26 PM
does anyone know how to get the sending unit out of the gas tank?? i dropped my tank the other day and wanted to look at the sending unit before i put it back in.

Mar 30th, 06, 5:42 PM
not 100% on others but on the 70 to 72 there is a ring that has ears on it that you carefully tap to unscrew. the ring comes off the and the sending unit lifts straight out. There is a rubber donut gasket that seals it. It only rotates about a 1/4 turn. BE CAREFUL, no sparks with fumes around.....

Mar 30th, 06, 6:27 PM
Rick's correct except for one thing...it doesn't lift straight out. You'll have to watch because when the sending unit/pick up is about halfway up out of the tank, you'll have to turn it on an angle in order for the gauge float and the pickup sock to clear the hole.
Just go slow and easy and you'll see...

Mar 30th, 06, 7:56 PM
I just replaced my sending unit. The pick-up sock looked fine on my old one but after gently squeezing it a couple times it fell apart it was so brittle. May want to check it while you got it apart. Also they make a special tool for taking off that ring. I don't know who has them but it sure would be safer than a hammer and screwdriver. NAPA may carry them. Tim