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: '66 Chevelle factory Engine Options

Mar 26th, 06, 12:04 PM
Just a quick question, I did a search and didn't find anything, maybe I searched wrong.

In '66 what engine options were available. I know the 283 and 396 were common, but was the 327 also available in '66?

I am looking at a '66 Chevelle with a 327 and the guy says it was a option for 1966. I am not sure and just want to know.


Mar 26th, 06, 1:11 PM
My buddy has a 66 malibu that orignally came with a 327. I don`t know about 66`s to much but I`m pretty sure there were 6 cylinders available, 283,327 and the SS 396.

Mar 26th, 06, 4:24 PM
According to Dales site (www.chevellestuff.com) the 327 was available in 66 only as a 4-bbl w/275 HP. There were also the 194 & 230 CID 6-cylinder motors, the 283 and 396 V-8's.