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: Motor Mount problem

Mar 23rd, 06, 2:13 PM
I pulled my 6cyl out of my 66 chevelle and im putting in a crate zz4 motor in, im having problems with the motor mounts I bought the chevelle SBC mounts but they donít line up with the holes in the frame the guys at the part store told me just to drill new holes, I just donít want to have any problems with header clearance. Is there anybody the sells a conversion kit out there that will make things easier for me thanks?

Mar 23rd, 06, 2:30 PM
You need to change the frame mounts that are bolted to the frame. The 6 cyl and v8 are different. GM part # are3840755 lh and 3840756 RH, If GM don`t have them most chevelle suppliers do. Try James Hinshaws Chevelle Parts in Elon, NC phone # 336-586-0802.

Mar 23rd, 06, 2:41 PM
Finding good used original GM frame mounts should be pretty easy. If you need help, send me a private message and I'll help you find a pair of good original GM frame mounts.

Also, find a new parts store as drilling new holes would accomplish nothing and wouldn't solve your problem and they should know that. :D

Mar 23rd, 06, 2:52 PM
in my first 66 it had a inline six. i installed a 454 and used morroso solid mounts. i did not have to change the frame mounts.