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: What Sized Rims Can I Put on My Chevelle?

Mar 9th, 06, 6:36 PM
I'm the owner of a nice little 1964 Chevelle two door wagon. The car still has the original suspension, 10 bold rear end.

I would like to go with some nice tall rims [21 in. tall in the back] and [19 in. tall in the front].

My question:

#1 How wide of Rims can I put on the back, without the tires touching the quarter panel and/or body, with comfortable room between?. The same question goes for the front rims and tires?

#2 How Tall Of Rims can I put on the front and back, without them being too tall?.

Your answers with measurements will help me make a error free order, based on the dimensions of the original suspension and body style of the 1964 Chevelle. In way of tires, I'm going to follow the lead of your advice on rims, and tires sizes?. Also, what about a rim Offset? And/or insert?. I appreciate your help, as I am in a wheelchair needing the help on dimensions?.

I'm also looking for Disc brakes for both front and back, if anyone is selling them?.

Thanks so very much -- Tim

Chris R
Mar 9th, 06, 7:00 PM
Check in the wheels and tires section. A lot of great info on what your looking for in there.