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: 1970 chevelle lenses

Nov 7th, 05, 3:25 AM
sorry look down it was more easy to read

Nov 7th, 05, 3:33 AM
I had an idea the other day and with me being 19 i like to do mods that are less conventional for the average chevelle enthusist but with imports today they have after market tail light and lenses that are clear and i was thinking y cant an old car do that it just plastic.

In 1970 the only clear light was the front bumper light.

If any one knows if anyone make these idems let me know and if not can someone tell my how to make a plastic mold so i can make my own

thank you

Nov 7th, 05, 9:11 AM
Did I talk like this when I was 19, I wonder...?

Nov 7th, 05, 11:09 AM
Clear tailights or side markers are illegal around here.

I seriously doubt that any aftermarket clear lenses are made for Chevelles.

Nov 7th, 05, 11:11 AM
PIMP,LMAO,ROTF Did I talk like this when I was 19, I wonder...?

Nov 7th, 05, 12:34 PM
Dean...thanks for the translation. :thumbsup:

forcd ind
Nov 7th, 05, 12:54 PM
stay in school

Nov 7th, 05, 2:27 PM
stay in school
Now there is some good advice! :thumbsup:

alan margosian
Nov 7th, 05, 2:39 PM
Is "Nokesville" anywhere near a place that many of us know as Knoxville? Just curious...

Nov 7th, 05, 3:25 PM
no not knoxville tenn. my place is in virginia about 15 min. from manassass and im sorry i sounded like an idoit it was 2 or 3 am. Iv made changes so its easier to read

aslo i finished high school was hard but did it

But like i was saying cense i cant just buy clear lenses can someone tell me how to make them .

for illegal if u put a collor bulb behind the clear lence you shouldnt get pulled over.