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: Fuel guage problem

Oct 30th, 05, 9:09 PM
I have just started my 69 chevelle after dropping the fuel tank for cleaning. The problem is that with approximately a half tank of gas the guage reads far past full. What's up?

Oct 30th, 05, 9:34 PM
Did you disconnect the battery before dropping the tank? If not, you shorted out the sending unit when you reconnected the wires to the tank. How do I know? I did the same thing you did. Be sure to connect the ground wire first then the lead going to the gauge and last the battery.

Oct 30th, 05, 9:39 PM
The battery was disconnected prior to the drop. The needle stiil moves from the full mark with ignition off and then increases with ignition on!

Oct 30th, 05, 9:53 PM
I would check the ground wire for a clean contact with the body. You can check the gauge by connecting two d cell batteries to it. This should show a half full reading if the gauge is still ok.

Oct 30th, 05, 10:00 PM
Great suugestions. I'll do that first thing tomorrow. Thanks