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Dec 31st, 04, 6:58 AM

I am needing info on the SS strips on the hoods of Chevelles/Elcaminos, BLACK in color if possible. Does anyone make a decal kit made within the GM specs for size to fit? I have a 72 Elcamino with a 4in cowl hood and I would like to put those cool strips back on, and yes, I am aware that they may no lay correctly due to the 4 in cowl. Any help would be great. Happy New Year to all. smile.gif

The Elkyman

Dec 31st, 04, 8:43 AM
Hi John,

Try (
They should have what you need. smile.gif
Have a Happy New Year! :D

Dec 31st, 04, 9:07 AM
John, i just ordered a set from stencils and stripes and my painter did not want to wait the recommended drying time of paint before application of the stripe kit so he did then the old fashion way, if your interested i will give you a discount on the kit i have.

email me if your interested.


Dec 31st, 04, 9:49 AM
Hi Bill,

1 very important question for you, are they BLACK in color? I need Black. I forgot about mentioning the color, my mistake, my car will be white, I mean truck. If black, what is my cost?
Thanks Bill


Dec 31st, 04, 10:28 AM
John , these are what they call stencil kits used for painting the stripes on the hood.

1970-72 Paint Stencil Kits
Kits Contain: Two Left & Right lower and upper hood panel units and two rear lower trunk lid units & 40'pre-spaced roll tape striping and complete how to. All Stencils pre-cut and ready to use.

i paid 61.00 shipped

how does 45.00 shipped sound?