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Is there a way to make a Holley less cold natured?

I'm saving for one of the EFI systems on the market for my Chevelle but I have a Holley 600dp on my '71 Nova. I bought this directly from Holley as a reconditioned unit. It has no choke but its very hard to get started even in the summer. I'm ready to start driving the car but it literally can take 10 minutes of foot on the gas before it will idle and accept gas. I've have a lot of Holleys in my day and even drag raced several so I know basic tuning and adjustments. I've never dealt with one like this though. The set up is below:

Stock short block 350
double hump heads
small cam of unknown size
dual plane aluminum intake with 2" carb spacer
HEI ignition

Do you think the carb spacer is the culprit? I'm only using it because the carb hits the vacuum connections in the intake. I've got a rebuild kit coming from F.A.S.T. so I can make sure all inside is to spec. I need to also jet it down a few sizes as it runs a little rich once its warn. Any help or tips is very much appreciated!!

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