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Re: FITECH EFI TUNING tips, info sharing, ideas, settings, etc...

439ci BBC


GO EFI-4, 600hp NA setup w/timing control option

Tanks Inc. tank,
stock 3/8" steel line for feed,
3/8" line for return,
GPA-4 pump (255lph)

7-8" in gear,
11-12 in Park

CAM SETTING (1,2,3, or 4) AND SPECS:
2 runs the best on my car,
233/243@.050, 107lsa

IAC COUNTS @ idle and cruise
6-11 in Park, wide fluctuation in gear and at cruise

No. Using MSD w/10* bushing
44 degrees total by 3000rpm,
34 degrees initial,
Full Manifold Distributor vacuum




-Added 15 to LOOP rate up and LOOP rate down IAC settings (IDLE CONTROL), which (when revved, or warm started) allows and helps get a quicker return down to my commanded idle rpm.
~Default settings gave me a "hanging idle".

-Subtracted 12% of both AFTERSTART and WARMUP fueling in all temperature settings.
~This seemed to cure the cold and warm starting issue I had of idle being real low, for roughly 10 seconds, then "catching up" and idling fine.

-I had played with DFCO (Deceleration Fuel CutOff) settings before I started having all the FCC issues, and had it working quite well. Unfortunately, I didn't write down what I did, and when I was forced to do a total relearn, I will have to start over.
~Sometimes, set at it's default settings, when letting off the gas from highway speeds, the car feels like it wants to surge up and down, which gives a "freight train effect"...tweaking the DFCO to your tastes, and the car's habits, will eliminate that.
I had mine set to where if letting off the gas from highway speeds, it would turn off the injectors (as it's intended to), until I either gave it throttle, or the car was down near maybe 20-25mph. This change really just saves some gas, and does away with the surge you may or may not get. I get it, so will revisit the tweaking again, once weather cooperates.

I was told specifically by FiTech's owner, Ken Farrell, that if your timing/distributor/advance curve was working good, then more often than not, you'll have lackluster results in trying to be smarter than your distributor is, and "making" a new curve. I have decided to not use the function. What I have has worked great, so why mess with it.

There's also a very odd reason that the MeanStreet EFI setup doesn't have Timing Control, but DOES have A/C IDLE CONTROL...
The GO-EFI4, like I have, uses 6 of 6 wires in it's 6 wire connector. The MeanStreet, minus the Timing Control, simply had the room for the extra wire for the AC Idle Personally, I'd love to see that AC idle control on every FiTech setup, even if it's a single wire with a male/female spade connection to use it.

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