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Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

I have a 454 that was rebuilt and has about 5K on it.I pulled the heads and checked the cylinders and one has a scratch that you can feel with tour fingernail.The motor is already boared .040 over.My question is can I get by with hoening out the cylnder or going to .060 over.How much does a hone remove frome the cyl?I am buying new pistons to raise the compression anyway so would it be best to start with a fresh bore?
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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

"It all depends".

You need to hone enough to eliminate the scratch--so how deep is the scratch?

You need to consider piston-to-wall clearance. What clearance do you have now, and what clearance is recommended for your new pistons? What EXACT size are your current pistons, and what EXACT size are the new ones?

I would consider going to .060 over, I'm thinking there's a better selection of pistons than what's available at .040--but I can't say I've researched that.
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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

The scratch is not very deep about .0001.You can hardley feel it with you finger nail.It's more of a scuff than a scratch .I hate to go to .060 if I don't have to because these blocks are getting harder to find.SpeedPro ha a .040 piston in hypertech that requires a .0015 skirt clearence.I am sending it out to have the cam bearings replaced and have the cyl's honed.I was suprised with the number of .040 pistons out there.
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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

Originally Posted by frankg70ss
The scratch is not very deep about .0001.You can hardley feel it with you finger nail.
You would not be able to see a scratch .0001" deep, much less feel one.
If you're able to hang nail on it, it's probably closer to .003" or more. Removing a defect that deep will require honing .006" (.003 per side) out of the bore.
Since you need to by pistons anyhow...bore .060" over and be done with it.

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Thumbs up Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

Dingle-berry hone her AND put it back together with new rings AND run her!!


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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

All you can do at home is hone the cylinder walls to seat the new rings. To remove a groove from the cylinder wall will require that the block be bored to the next piston size by a machine shop. If you are putting new pistons in, now would be the time to do it. Look on the bright side; you'll pick up about four extra cubic inches of displacement with the bore job.

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Talking Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

If it isn't smoking, using oil, or showing a difference in compression readings,
I'd leave it alone.
If it needs more than a couple thousandths removed, it should be bored or you'll have excessive piston to wall clearance.

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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

depending on what it comes out at after honing, my builder thinks that 8 thousands of cyl to piston clearance is fine, you won't hear it, no oil consumption difference and no slap. minehad a light scratch like yours, he's honed it and got almost every bit of it out, but not all, beed blasted the pistons and will re-use them... he assures me i'll never tell, the pistons were tight to begin with... i'd as you builder what kinda clearance you'd have after a hone and have the pistons checked, if they are a tad big anyway, and the cyls maybe small you have a good chance to just hone and go (have the pistons cleaned up though)

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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?

Was it doing anything wrong in the first place? If not I wouldn't mess with it.

Is the scratch from the ring gaps or some unknown source?
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Re: Cylinder Scratch Hone or Bore?


I know im new here, but i have had several experiances with piston sidewall to cylinder clearance issues. At .008 you will definately hear piston slap and it will rock in the bore prematurely wearing spots on the piston and be more prone to galling ect. It all depends on the composition of the piston material he mentioned hyper's which use a very tight clearance his example was .0015 they use this tight clearance because they do not expand under heat like a forged alloy. This makes them great street engine pistons because they are stable in the bore and long wearing with good ring seal properties. I put a set of those in at about 3.5-4 ( same as my old pistons ) and they rattled their ass off. Older TRW forged slugs ( heavy beast they were ) required about .006 because of their expansion charactoristics and at .008 they would probably be fine after they got warmed up. Most of your modern forged alloys use a sidewall clearance in the range of .004 to .0045 trust me from experiance just follow the piston manufacturers recommendations the best you can afford. RPM is another issue the effects of sidewall clearance issues are amplified the higher the RPM you turn the engine. IF you plan to buy new Hyper's and install them at the recommended .0015-.0025 most of them run then i strongly urge you to consider boring on out to .060 and starting fresh. However you might get your machinist to remove the scratch and measure the bore because if he doesnt have to remove to much you might be able to buy a piston to suit the increased bore diameter and still meet the recommended clearance.

For example if you had run hypers before installed at .002 and he grinds 4 out to get the scratch out you could then buy a set of cheaper pistons that require .006 clearance and your set at .040. The reason i know all this is these 400 blocks i have been running are getting scarce and can only be bored .040 ive been through all of this on the success side and failure side.

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