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I bought a 1970 Chevelle about 3 or 4 days ago and I was reading the Chevelle Tech Archives when I noticed a thing on the Heavy Chevy's. The car I have seems awfully similar to what was described to be a Heavy Chevy but I'm not sure. It's a 307 Chevelle with a blacked out grille, domed and lock pinned hood, rubber floor mats with a bench seat. It's in primer so I cant check if it came with the stripes or not. No fancy chrome originally I belive, just some striping down the sides (chrome strips, with inserts for seperate trim pieces to fit inside). I think the one draw back is that it looks like it has bolt holes for a "Malibu" emblem. But looking at the post for "The difference between Heavy and SS" my car matches all the description of the Heavy. Is there any way to check the VIN or Cowl Tag to see if it is a 1970 Chevelle Heavy Chevy? Any help would be apriciated, thank you.
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Heavy Chevys weren't produced in 1970...
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Sorry - I had a heavy chevy - see my web page - they didn't exist in 1970. If your three-bump hood doesn't have a cowl induction flap door, its a repro.


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Sorry, Heavy Chevy's were only produced in 72 I think..., but definitely not in 1970.
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My son's 71 SS clone was originally a Heavy Chevy. With a build sheet to go with it.
If it has a domed hood WITH pins, the pins were added by someone, super easy to do. ONLY CI hoods came with pins from the factory.

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Sometimes you can see if a car had stripes on it by looking behind the front edge of the door where the stripes folded over. A small piece of the stripe may be left there even after the car was repainted. It was on mine.
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Just some words on the domed (non-cowl induction) hoods. My '71 SS came originally with the domed hood and no hood pins while my brother's (purchased new) '71 Heavy Chevy 402 4-speed had the domed hood with hood pins.

FYI Heavy Chevy's started in mid-71 and the floor was entirely covered by a rubber mat (read: no carpeting). It had no chrome-type emblems at all (just decals). Also, I am not sure of this but I also remember my brother's car had different door panels than the Malibus.
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I have an original Heavy Chevy. The ONLY positive way to identify one is w/ a build sheet. It will have the "YF-3" option. Heavies came w/ a Rallye wheel and no trim rings, fully blacked out grill w/ no emblem. They had rubber floor coverings,no chrome emblems, a domed hood w/ no flapper door, black side striping and "Heavy Chevy" decals. They could not be ordered w/ a 454. They had a low budget "300 Series" interior. Some had a wood trim stripe in the interior, some a white type stripe. They were only made in 71 and 72. They had blacked out bezels over the front blinkers. All that being said,you could order a Heavy w/ anything an SS had except the 454 and the SS badges. I know as I talked to the original owner and have pics of the car w/ chrome wheel trim. The dealer also let him swap his 68 SS wheels onto the Heavy and they put the Heavy wheels on the SS. So you could really get one anyway you wanted (except 454}.
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My 72 Heavy Chevy did come from the factory with hood pins.
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Heavy Chevy's did come with hood pins from the factory. Here is a picture of mine in 1973 (dont mind my "helper" on the hood" http://pages.prodigy.net/bkoustenis/hc1.jpg I am not sure what Michael is referring to as "blacked out" bezels on the turn signals, mine were painted body color. I bought the car new in Aug 1971 and still have it so I am certain it is correct ! The interior is sort of a one of a kind. If anyone finds the correct material for the seats, let me know.

Bill Koustenis
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Re: 1970 Malibu or Heavy Chevy?

Just a question on this subject, if the heavy chevy was only produced in 1971 and 1972, then how does a person I know have one that is a 1970 that he special ordered and bought new in August of that year? I have seen the car in person and the window stickers that came with it new. I have also seen this car in action, it was ordered with the top of the line 350 for that year. It's no slouch. Just wondering how his 1970 could be a heavy chevy if they weren't produced that year? Not tryin to be rude or anything, just tryin to figure it out. Thanks.
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Re: 1970 Malibu or Heavy Chevy?

Its impossible. Heavy Chevy's were NOT avaliable in 1970. They were available mid 71 and all of 72. The 1971 brochure did not show the HC in it but the 72 brochure did. I have done a lot of research on the subject of Hc's and because they were bare bones budget minded muscle cars then you could order just about any combination of options. For example mine is a documented Chevelle MALIBU Heavy Chevy. My car is documented from GM in Oshawa Canada and there is no way to prove otherwise. As for your freinds car.....I would have to see the build sheet and talk to the very first owner to be convinced of it being a 1970. There is just no way. Even the concept for the Heavy Chevy was not even discussed until late 1970. It was very quickly put into production in April-May of 71 and offered as a mid year car.

Sorry to burst your bubble.
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Re: 1970 Malibu or Heavy Chevy?

I don't know you may be right, but I do know that I have seen the car and the paper work. As for whether or not it is a 1970, it is. Of that I am 100 percent sure. The Heavy Chevy option on the other hand may or may not be factory on that car, but it's not the only one that I have seen with the decals and stuff marking them as a Heavy Chevy. And your not bursting my bubble, cause it aint my car. I was simply asking a serious question. I will try to get ahold of my buddy to see if I can get a photo copy of the paper work on the car so you can check it out if you would like. But one thing I would have say I'm not sure about as to something you said, and again this is just hear say from GM techs old and young. More so old than young. Is that the Heavy Chevy was thought of before 1970, just not introduced. One man I spoke with told me that he was working for a dealership in 1969, and heard about the Heavy Chevy option at that time. He is sure about the year because he joined the Army in late Jan. 1970. When he returned home a few years later and went back to work for the same dealership, it was no longer an option. It had come and gone. Thank you for the info tho as I will pass it along to my friend that has that car and see if he can dig up all the orig. paper work on the car and find out what it is exactly. As far as anything else goes, I am trying to find out how many cars were built just like mine in 1970. If you can help me with that then please let me know.
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Re: 1970 Malibu or Heavy Chevy?

I may be wrong but in the early 70's my next door neighbor has a Heavy Chevy. We had a 71 Malibu. I would swear that his was a 70 because I remember the square tail lights. It was also Hugger Orange. Could it be that they may have been available in certain parts of the country and not others.
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Re: 1970 Malibu or Heavy Chevy?

I think it would be pretty neat if a real 70 HC surfaced but you need to prove it with documentation. The Heavy Chevy (YF3) option is considered a 71-72 base model only option. See links below.......



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