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1968 Nomad

Bill Gillogly

Ponca City, OK

Team Chevelle Member #750

december00emblem.jpg - 4269 Bytes I had taken my daughter, who lives in North Richland Hills , TX to her friend's home in Grapevine for a children's birthday party. Her husband was to pick her up later and I was to meet them back at her house. I was actually lost when I saw this old wagon parked behind a muffler shop. It was 106 degrees that day so I just stopped in the street and walked around it quickly. I didn't notice it was for sale until I had walked completely around it. It was all there, no visible rust, a few dents, the original 14" wheels no hubcaps, the glass was good , and all chrome was intact. Including the Nomad lettering on the fenders. I was interested!

This was Sunday and I was leaving for home that afternoon so I asked my daughter to get me the name and number of the muffler shop. She called me the next day with the information and I called the owner of the shop. He had taken it for a past due bill with the intention of restoring it. Instead it became his lunch/shop vehicle. Anyway, he and I agreed on a price and my brother and I drove down that Wednesday to pick it up. We had intended to tow it home but after my test drive and the conversation with it's owner, I decided to drive it home. Ponco City, OK. 300+ miles. I ran it at 65 mph with the A/C on all the way. No problems. It did go through 3 qts. of oil though. The original 307 with 85,000 miles leaked quite a bit. No smoke.

That's how this Chevelle project started for me. Since that time it has gone through quite a few upgrades.

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I will try to list them as they took place.
First I had the 307 replaced with a mild 30 over 350 I had built. About 300hp. my intent was to build a driver to car shows etc. The interior was excellent except for the front seat. It has been redone. The original had no carpet. It does now, front and all the way to the tailgate. There was no third seat. The car had a three speed on the column, power steering, a/c, unassisted drum brakes all around , and an am radio. It now has a Muncie four speed, and power assisted brakes. Discs to be added to the front soon. The stereo has been replaced , a 10 CD changer added, power amp, and some nice speaker. The front end has been completely redone. The original 3.73 rear end changed for a 2.72. A travelling gear! (16 mpg at highway speeds). During the rear end swap, I boxed the lower control arms and replaced the original rubber bushings with polyurethane and added 1" rear sway bar. The rear bumper was restamped and chromed. I added a set of 15 x 8 ralleys, new trim rings, and three bar spinner centerpieces. All door rubber is new. The windshield was ok, but when the car was stripped for painting, I had a new one installed. In January, of this year it finally go to the paint shop. I chose 2000 VW yellow and white for the colors. The original hood was replaced with a '69 big block. My painter finished it just in time for the annual cruise night here in town. I have a few items to go, cruise control, speedo calibrated, but basically I'm through. Right!

I have an old '79 model, 16' Glastron boat that is just about finished as I write this not. Same paint. It should be ready for spring. They look good together.

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This is the story of my station wagon. Actually, Tim Lee's pictures got me started. Mine looked just like his before paint (without the wheel stand). I got the hood idea from Clyde Miller's beautiful '69.

Bill Gillogly

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Bonus Photo!

Bill also sent along a photo of his Chevelle that he bought new in 1972!

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